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Pressure Washing Pool Screens

Pressure Washing (soft washing) Pool Screens 

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Do we recommend pressure washing pool screens or soft washing them? The answer to that would be  soft wash.  Our soft wash system uses a low-pressure commercial-grade machine, which works with 300PSI and produces 10GPM, in combination with a biodegradable formula. A technician sprays the aluminum frame and screens from every angle with the formula.  Finally, using our low pressure system, the formula washes off . Rather then using a high pressure system, the soft wash system is the preferred technique for screens. To pressure wash pool enclosure means you are adding too much pressure and as a result, screens stretch or blow out. Consequently, we highly recommend not to pressure wash pool screen enclosures.

Soft Washing Pool Screen Enclosures:

Pressure Washing Pool Screen Enclosures

Clean Pool Enclosure

Loosing the clarity of your screens is most likely due to algae, lichens, moss and/or mold making a home on them.  In addition, wind blown dirt only adds to the dirty appearance of your screens. Screen cleaning is time consuming and requires a gentle, low pressure approach to safely treat them. Our top of the line equipment allows us to reach every corner of the pool enclosure from the ground, without the need of ladders, therefore creating a safer work environment. In the end,  all you will have is beautiful light shining through. Relax, enjoy watching the birds and blue sky through a pristine screen enclosure. Finally, if you are curious about the birds you spot, check out this great site: Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

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